I’m a rat rambling in the world. I don’t have a name just like any other rats. I have no fixed place to live. Nor can I decide my fate. I am a fugitive drifting all my life. As a rat, my tongues are silenced, and my body is small. My fragile bones crush easily under any violence. I live as a humble being, for my body is too tiny to carry any arrogance.

I love seeking out shadows. I ramble in the rubble, and I pass the fallen bricks. I see everything that was once there but no longer exists. I walk in dim light, to the damp and sombrous corners; I squeeze into holes and narrow tunnels. I see all the beings that have been left behind; I witness all the happiness and suffering forgotten in the dust. I try to see every secret in the darkness so I could navigate in it without fear. Nothing would stop me from looking around. My eyes are like a graver leaving invisible marks on everything I’ve examined, and I carve what I witnessed into my own memory.

I hit the walls and corners thousands of times but I don’t give up figuring my way out. Nothing would stop me from moving for there’s never a barrier or end to me: I only see surfaces connecting surfaces, leading to other possibilities. I keep seeking the space of my freedom and joy even in the dirtiest sewer. I keep running and moving around with the little engine burning inside my small body: anger and hope is my fuel. I leave my humble traces in the world.

I keep rambling in the world with my humility: my eyes are close to the ground. I can see trees put down their roots like humans set their feet; so do the resting birds and I. Endless traces are left on the ground. I see them with my eyes and feel them with my belly. I don’t make assumptions, so I look at the world without prejudice. I get close to anything. The world keeps unfolding itself to me for I could see the slightest details even in the tiny and abject things. And I respect them equally.

I enjoy my life with ignorance for my ignorance opens up freedom to me. I never counted a second as I never know what is time, so I live in infinite moments. I never know beauty, so I appreciate many things. I can hardly name things: I never named a river but I always see the water, and I treasure any water. I don’t know my gender, and I never had a race. I never crossed a border, as I never know any country. And I don’t have a home. I set my four feet on the ground, naked. I keep rambling in the world.